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Looking for Women Interested in Nutrition and Exercise to Participate in Research Study

MSU researchers in the Department of Health and Human Development are investigating whether the health benefits of exercise are influenced by what you eat after exercise and how much fat you have in your body.

Study Involvement:  Three conditions (uphill walking, downhill walking, and a control condition) and blood chemistry information will be analyzed.

Participant Eligibility:

-  Female 18-40 years of age and not pregnant

-  Not currently involved in an exercise program that could alter the muscular response to downhill walking 

-  Not currently taking medications for blood pressure, cholesterol lowering, anti-inflammatory, or steroid hormone contraceptives

Compensation: Participants will be paid $100 for each condition completed for a total of $300 if all three conditions are completed.  Your body composition, fasting glucose, lipids and inflammation, and cardiovascular fitness information.

Enrolling now: For more information call 994-5001 or email