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Staff or Faculty Advisor needed for new Student Organization

A new student organization, The Society for the Pursuit of Creative Roleplaying Experiences, needs a staff, faculty or graduate student advisor to become a registered student club at MSU. Below is more information about the club. Please contact the student leader, Bridger Johnson, at if you are interested. The Society for the Pursuit of Creative Roleplaying Experiences is a club designed to get people who enjoy roleplaying or have the desire to learn how to role play into an organized group. This will allow members to organize meets and people based on their own interests and schedules, and explore the wonderfully diverse activity that is roleplaying. The type of role play we strive to teach and endorse is traditional pen and paper tabletop role play; common systems include Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun, Pathfinder, World of Darkness, and many more. The goal of the S.P.C.R.E. is to teach people about roleplaying, meet new friends with similar interests, and ultimately have a fun time filled with new experiences. Becoming a member is very simple, all that is required is an adherence to school and club rules, an attitude of respect toward one another, and a willingness to correctly learn and invest time into the systems available. Our manifest can be found here: This is a terrific engagement opportunity and way to support our clubs at MSU! Announcement submitted by the MSU Office of Activities & Engagement on behalf of club.