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ADVANCE Grant Writing Boot Camp

This event is a culmination of two successful boot camp events; one that took place in summer of 2013 through EHHD and another hosted by ADVANCE in the fall of 2013. This training is designed to facilitate the production of a solid, review-ready grant proposal. Participants will have the opportunity to submit proposals for review and comment by grant successful senior investigators, and a team of proposal support personnel will be aligned to the submitters individual needs.

To accomodate busy schedules, ADVANCE is offering the Boot Camp in its entirety and also as discrete sessions. This will create a supported and facilitated space for faculty to complete grant proposals, as well as offer the opportunity to brush up on subject areas that will supplement existing knowledge. Faculty may register now to reserve their spot for the entire Boot Camp or just a few sessions by visiting the following link: and noting which aspects they wish to attend. 

Schedule of sessions


There are also a number of other research capacity events that will aid in generating quality grant proposals. To learn more about these events, visit the ADVANCE Project TRACS events page at:, and check back frequently as we are continually offering new events based on need and demand. 


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