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Classified employee volunteer to serve on MSU Benefits Committee

Staff Senate is looking for a classified employee volunteer to serve on the MSU Benefits Committee. If you are interested, please submit your information via our Committee Application Form. Response deadline is Friday, January 25th.

MSU Benefits Committee membership includes three classified staff representatives consisting of at least one representative with union affiliation. Committee members, from a number of different constituent groups, represent the collective interests of all MSU employees and retirees concerning the various group benefits that are available to them; serve as a source of information for, and input from, MSU employees and retirees concerning these benefits; advise the MSU voting members of the MUS IUBC (Inter-unit Benefits Committee) on all matters relating to these benefits; and represent MSU on the Montana University System Inter-Unit Benefit Committee.

The Committee meets once a month during the academic year and at least once during the summer. The current meeting schedule is Wednesday's between 8:30 to 10:00 a.m. and/or as called by the chair. Length of term is three years. For more information about the Benefits Committee see their web page at

Committee Representatives actively participate in the work of their committee, which is key to providing Staff Senate the information vital to our role in shared governance at MSU and ensuring the views of classified staff are taken into consideration in the decision making process. In addition to attending committee meetings, you must also attend Staff Senate meetings to make reports and bring issues of particular importance to Staff Senate's specific attention as necessary. Staff Senate meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday each month from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. As an appointed committee member you are automatically a member of Staff Senate and therefore can make motions, vote, and hold positions of leadership on the Senate. (See Staff Senate meeting schedule).

Discuss your interest and time commitment with your supervisor prior to filling out the application form. Most supervisors understand the importance of shared governance and that participating on committees and the Senate are important parts of that process. They will allow you to take the time with pay in order participate. A person is normally allowed to attend these meeting during working hours while being paid, but this time is subject to supervisor approval. Follow the link for information regarding selection of Staff Senate nominated committee representatives. If there are members of your staff who do not have email accesses, please print and distribute this request to interested parties.

Applications may be delivered to the Staff Senate office located in Montana Hall Room 106 or send by Campus mail to Staff Senate, P.O. Box 171865. If you have questions, please email Joan Ford, Staff Senate Program Coordinator or call 994-6895.