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Award nominations being accepted for Diversity Awards

The Diversity Awareness Office and the Office of Activities and Engagement are accepting award nominations for several scholarships recognizing students from underrepresented backgrounds.

The Cole Tierny Scholarship recognizes a University students of African-American heritage who merits scholarship assistance as well as deomonstrating achievement, leadership, citizenship and involvement in extra-curricular activities.

The Montana State University Diversity Awards, new this year, recognize the accomplishments of students from underrepresented minority groups who contribute to diversity and inclusion through exemplary leadership, achievement, citizenship and involvement in his/her community. Recipients embody a commitment to diversity and inclusion through their work and involvement on campus, including recruitment and retention efforts, teaching, research, multi-cultural programming, cultural attunement, community outreach activities, and other initiatives.
Two kinds of awards are given:

Spirit Outstanding Student Awards - These awards are given to students who embody leadership, citizenship and involvement, and belong to underrepresented minority groups including the LGBTQ community, Native American, African American and other cultural and racial minorities and religions.

Activism Awards
- These awards will be given to students embodying the characteristics highlighted by the award, who work to enrich the campus community through social justice and activism.

Nominees must be current students. Nominations can be submitted by individual employees (including supervisors, direct reports and peers of the nominees), students, university departments, and units. Recipients will be selected from a committee of MSU faculty, staff and students and awarded at the 90th Annual Student Day of Recognition in April.


For award nomination forms and more information, please visit