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Bike, Walk, Bus, Carpool Challenge

The Bozeman Area Bicycle Advisory Board (BABAB), Bozeman's Human Resource Development Council (HRDC), and the Western Transportation Institute (WTI) at Montana State University and are pleased to announce the Bozeman area Commute to Work Challenge from May 6-15th.  The Challenge is a friendly competition between organizations that reward employees who choose to walk, bike, bus or carpool for their work commute.  The Challenge works by recruiting a few coworkers to create a team and registering your team at  Stats will be gathered and participating employers will be acknowledged for the total miles commuted and percent participation. There is no cost and all participants will be entered into a drawing to win prizes at the wrap up event on May 17th at the Lindley Park Center from 5 to 8 pm.

The Challenge encourages people to use the Montana ride sharing site, which helps commuters find ride matches, form carpools and track trips.  Choosing to bike, walk, take the bus or carpool rather than drive alone expands transportation options for all.  It also helps people save money and support healthy habits (walking and biking) while promoting clean air and sustainable transportation.   

In its first year, during May 2012, 28 teams signed up for Bozeman's first Bike to Work Challenge, where 225 people biked over 4770 miles.  In 2013, the Challenge has expanded to include not only biking, but additional modes including public transportation, walking and carpooling. We hope to engage more people this year by raising awareness of all of the alternatives to driving - such as our local Streamline bus system. "This challenge gives people a reason to dust off their bike and get some fresh air on their way to work or learn how to read a Streamline bus schedule and try something new," says Rebecca Gleason, Research Engineer at WTI. 

Bozeman's Commuter Challenge is part of Community Action Month and National Bike Month in May.  It is just one of many events that Bozeman's HRDC has planned in May that highlight's their role as a Community Action Agency that promotes a more vibrant, engaged community.  To learn more visit

"For many, particularly those with low incomes, the cost of transportation (owning and operating a car) is prohibitive and access to transportation services for essential travel for employment, health care and childcare may be limited," says Linda Wyckoff, HRDC's Resource Development Coordinator. 

The more people that sign up on the ride share site, the more useful tool it will be to find carpool partners for much needed trips.  Results of the Challenge will be announced at the May 17th Bike to Work Week wrap up party at Lindley Park Center from 5-8 pm.  Contact Rebecca Gleason at 994-6541 to learn more.