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As of Aug. 15, all vehicle rentals handled through private vendors instead of Motor Pool

MSU Facilities Services is pleased to announce that as of Thursday, Aug. 15, all vehicle rentals will be handled through private vendors instead of the campus's Motor Pool.

"Our campus community will be able to enjoy a number of benefits because of this change," said Chris Catlett, general operations manager at Facilities Services. "We're very excited to have this new system in place for the beginning of the fall semester." 

Until Aug. 15, MSU employees and students may choose between using the campus' Motor Pool or renting through Enterprise, National or Hertz under the existing multi-state WSCA contracts that offer excellent rates, according to Catlett.

To rent from Enterprise, National and Hertz, simply call the vendors below and use the provided WSCA number:
Enterprise (downtown): 586-8010; WSCA # XZ63MSU
National (airport): 388-6694; WSCA # XZ63MSU
Hertz (airport): 388-6939; WSCA #23998

Vehicles rented through Enterprise may be picked up and returned on campus at the current Motor Pool location, located off of 7th and Grant. Vehicles may be picked up on campus between 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Facilities Services is working with Enterprise to explore options for a lock box so that in the future, there may be a way for vehicles to be picked up at any time, Catlett said.

Vehicles rented through National and Hertz must be picked up at the airport. Due to airport fees, charges for vehicles rented at the airport are expected to be slightly higher than vehicles rented through Enterprises's downtown location, Catlett said.

Rates for Enterprise and National are available at

Rates for Hertz are available at

Using private vendors should provide direct benefits to users in terms of similar or lower rates, wider vehicle selection, and newer vehicles, Catlett said. More information about the change is available at and on the Transportation Services website: