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Lecture and Reception

Tuesday, September 10, 2013, from 7:00pm to 8:00pm
Museum of the Rockies, Hager Auditorium

Dr. Trevor Douglas will inaugurate the Provost's Distinguished Lecturer Series, which recognizes outstanding faculty at Montana State University for scholarship and leadership. Faculty presenting during the series will
reflect on the inspirations for their work in lectures for the professional and lay person alike.
A pioneer in the field of nanoscience, Dr.Douglas was named a Montana University System Regents Professor in 2012, the most prestigious designation that can be attained by a professor in the system. Dr. Douglas' lecture, entitled, "Propelled by Mistakes," will be in the museum's Hager Auditorium and will be followed by a reception.
Other members of the Provost's Distinguished Lecturer Series include:
October 1: Dr. Brett Walker, professor and expert in Japanese environmental history will speak.
He was named a Montana University System Regents Professor in 2008, the most prestigious designation that can be attained by a professor in the system. Dr. Walker also received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2013. 
November 4: Dr. Ilse-Mari Lee, dean of the University Honors Program at Montana State University, will lecture at the Hager Auditorium. She received the "Distinguished Service to the University Honors Program" award in 2006. In 2008, Dr. Lee was awarded the Wiley Award for Meritorious Research at Montana State University and is a recipient of the prestigious President's Excellence in Teaching Award.

February 5: Frances Lefcort, professor and department head of Cell Biology and Neurosciences, is offering the first Provost's Lecture in 2014. Dr. Lefcort oversees a lab investigating the cellular and molecular mechanisms that drive the formation of the nervous system, specifically how extracellular signals in the environment integrate with intrinsic cellular cues to impact the peripheral nervous system.

March 4: Joe Seymour is co-director of the Magnetic Resonance Lab and a professor in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Montana State University. His primary area of research interest is in transport imaging using MRM. Prior and future research includes laboratory and field studies of transport phenomena using MRM's ability to measure both coherent motion, or velocity, and random motion, or diffusion.

April 1: John Priscu, a polar ecologist who studies the microbial ecology of Antarctic ecosystems and winner of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research Medal for Excellence in Antarctic Research will be the final speaker for the Provost's Lecture Series this academic year. Priscu was one of the leaders of a 2013 expedition studying the ecosystem under the Ross Ice Shelf and won international recognition.

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