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Letters and Science Fellows in Engagement Lecture

Tuesday, March 25, 2014, from 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Animal Biosciences Building, 138

Nicolas Yunes joined the MSU Physics Department as an assistant professor in 2011. Yunes' research is focused on the study of Einstein's theory of general relativity and gravitation.

In addition to research in gravitational theory, he is also heavily involved in education and public outreach. In 2013, he organized Celebrating Einstein, a series of interdisciplinary education and public outreach events that combined music, film, dance, art, architecture, theatre and physics. This event consisted of 5 parts: Testing GR, a scientific workshop on gravitational waves; Speaking of Einstein, a public lecture series with world-renown physicists; Einstein in the School, a series of educational activities for K-12 students; Black (W)hole, an immersive art installation, featuring a black hole with an accretion disk, the equations of general relativity and the sounds of gravitational waves; and A Shout Across Time, a three-part theatre show composed of a danced lecture on general relativity, a live interview with a world-renown physicist and an original film, with original music performed by the MSU symphony orchestra.

In addition to organizing Celebrating Einstein, Yunes recently gave public talks at the Museum of the Rockies and at TEDx Bozeman. He teaches Graduate Advanced General Relativity at MSU, where he celebrates Einstein daily.

To recognize and celebrate the upcoming Year of Engaged Leadership the College of Letters and Science has established the Fellows in Engagement program. This one-time, AY 2013-14 program recognizes those in the college whose work includes a strong component of engagement with the communities served by MSU. Tenure-track faculty, non-tenure track faculty and staff were eligible for these fellowships.

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