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Microbiome Sequencing and Analysis Workshop

Wednesday, November 27, 2013, at 12:00pm to Friday, December 20, 2013
Animal Biosciences Building, 321

Background: Microbes play critically important roles in numerous ecosystems. Exploring compositional traits and community-level changes can provide important insights into the overall ecology and physiological impacts of the resident microbiota. Technological advances over the past decade (and a bit) have enabled exploration of these microbial ecosystems at previously unprecedented levels of resolution. These capabilities exist here at Montana State University and this workshop seeks to demistify the techniques and avail these resources to the MSU research community.

Workshop: The Microbiome Sequencing and Analysis Workshop will take place on 4 days over two consecutive weekends at the Animal Biosciences building, Montana State University. Participants will be guided from DNA through the preparation of tagged 16S rRNA gene amplicons, sequence preparation, QC, and sequencing to sequence analyses. Participants may bring up to 4 of their own samples for sequencing and analysis.

When: The workshop will take place on two consecutive weekends, Dec 21/22 and Dec 28/29

Cost: The cost of the workshop will be $250, which will cover reagent costs and catering for the 4 days. This cost may be paid for by index number, check, or cash.

Registration: You can register for the course or obtain further information by contacting Dr. Carl J. Yeoman ( or 994-7440). Registration will be limited to the first 15 individuals.