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Towards a Continuous Practice - Lecture

Monday, January 27, 2014, from 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Gaines Hall, Room 101

EJ Engler launched Medicine Hat, Inc in 1998, in order to specialize in a modern design and fabrication practice rooted in the vernacular of place. Engler's expertise in design and construction, including site-built, pre-fabrication, off-site construction, timber framing, welding, concrete and construction logistics, makes the critical design practice of Medicine Hat, Inc unique, grounded, and hands-on. Their belief in sustainable design practices, and deeper working knowledge of appropriate material choices of construction, influences all aspects of their work.

Medicine Hat, Inc. is a collaborative architectural design laboratory that combines rich place-based design experience with the depth of practical trades-based knowledge required to create authentic-of-our-time, yet timeless, architecture and artifacts. Their professional knowledge combines twenty-eight years of design, building, product fabrication, and critical performance inventions to arrive at custom design solutions. The scope of their work moves between individual homes to local commercial and investment properties. The breadth of building experience spans from modern site-built structures to pre-fabricated buildings, all tied to the vernacular of each place. 

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