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Project Archaeology: Celebrating Our Partners in Education

Tuesday, March 18, 2014, from 6:00pm to 7:30pm
Museum of the Rockies, Hager Auditorium

Stewardship of cultural heritage is everyone's responsibility. Everyone can touch the past, but sadly our opportunities are disappearing. The number of archaeology sites disturbed, looted, or vandalized are increasing at an alarming rate. Through Project Archaeology, educators can help the schoolchildren of today know and experience America's rich cultural heritage as the adults of tomorrow.

In an effort to bring professional development to every school teacher, Project Archaeology created an instructional video to go with our curriculum guide, Investigating Shelter. By investigating the shelters of American Indian tribes, slaves, colonists and settlers, teachers and students take part in the discovery and defense of our cultural heritage. Through our educational materials they discover and understand their culture as well as the culture and history of others. Thank you to our partners, Montana State University, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the Bozeman School District, the Museum of the Rockies, and Jen Grace Productions for contributing to this video project.

Project Archaeology is hosting a night of appreciation to thank the Bozeman community for supporting our research, piloting lessons, and collaborating to create high-quality educational materials. We invite our partners and the teachers and students who have participated in Project Archaeology programs to the premiere of our video and a reception at the Museum of the Rockies. All have helped Project Archaeology save archaeological sites, protect the human past, and honor the memory of past peoples through education. We just want to take this opportunity to say, "Thank you."

The national headquarters for Project Archaeology is located in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Montana State University. Project Archaeology is a national educational organization and a joint program of MSU and the BLM. As we approach our 25th year, we estimate that our growing national network of 32 states and 11, 064 certified educators touch more than 275,000 learners each year with the message of respect for our shared cultural heritage.

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