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Pro Expo

Saturday, March 22, 2014 at 12:00pm
Strand Union Building

The event will feature Free Pizza (while it lasts), Door Prizes, Costume Contest, $1 Screening of "Spider-Man" (6:30pm), Art Exhibits in the Exit Gallery, video games, a Super Smash Bros. tournament, tabletop RPGs, a day game of Humans vs. Zombies and live music by Marian Call.

The event opens at 12:00, music by Marian Call begins at 4:00, and "Spider-Man" will show at 6:30 at the MSU Strand Union Building's Procrastinator Theater.

The Pro Expo is sponsored by: the Procrastinator TheaterThe Exit Gallery,A.S.M.S.U.ASMSU Campus Entertainment, Japan Club, Anime Club, Hivemind, MSU T.A.G., Society for Pursuit of Creative Roleplay Experiences, Smash Society, Snow Day, Rooks Comics and Games, and the MSU Bookstore

For questions regarding this event, please contact: