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Thermal Biology Insitute Seminar Series

Monday, April 28, 2014, from 3:10pm to 4:00pm
Plant Biosciences Building, 108

Please join us for TBI Seminar on Monday, April 28th. Dr. Robert Powers, University of Nebraska Lincoln, will present, NMR Metabolomics and Systems Biology, at 3:10pm in 108 Plant Bioscience Building.


The goal of systems biology is to investigate the "whole" and understand the larger picture through the interactions of the "parts". Systems biology has the opposite view of traditional reductionist biology that characterizes the isolated parts of the cell. Instead, the protein or target of interest is placed back into the organism, tissue or cell. Systems biology aims to monitor global changes in the system due to perturbations in environmental stressors, nutrition level, protein activity, or drug treatment. A variety of omics techniques (genomics, proteomics, etc.) are the common tools of systems biology, where metabolomics is a relatively recent addition. Metabolomics measures changes in metabolite concentrations from cell lysates, tissues, or biofluids using NMR or MS. The observed changes in these metabolite concentrations can be directly correlated with variations in protein activity and carbon-flow through various metabolic pathways. Our NMR metabolomics technology, including our MVAPACK metabolomics software platform, PCA/PLS-DA utilities, and protocols for integrating NMR and MS data, sample preparation and metabolite identification will be discussed. Our methodology will be illustrated through the investigation of a variety of S. aureus and S. epidermis cellular processes related to survivability, adaptability and biofilm formation and to TB drug discovery. 



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