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Bozeman Area Commuter Challenge

Monday, May 12, 2014 to Friday, May 23, 2014

May is Community Action Month and National Bike Month.  As part of these events, Bozeman's Human Resource Development Council (HRDC), the Western Transportation Institute (WTI) and the Bozeman Area Bicycle Advisory Board are promoting Bozeman's 3rd annual Commuter Challenge.  This is a friendly competition between organizations that reward people that choose to commute by bicycle, foot, bus and/or carpool. There is no cost and participants will be entered into a drawing to win prizes!  


Employee Health: Bicycling and walking are great exercise!   People that ride the bus typically walk more than people driving. Employees who are active as part of their work day routines are more likely to be in over all good health, have less sick leave-time and report fewer workman's compensation claims.   Lower overall healthcare-costs translate into employer cost savings.   

Corporate Philanthropy:  Supporting bike/walk/bus/carpool commuting promotes your company's public image as an environmentally responsible employer.  Your support says to the public that your company is concerned about air pollution, traffic congestion, energy use, public health and employee well-being. 

Less Pollution: Employers can reduce their workplace's impact on regional air quality by encouraging more sustainable transportation choices. provides ride matching for a secure way to find carpool partners to share rides.

Cost-Savings:  The average annual cost to own and operate a vehicle in the U.S. ranges from $8,000 for a small car to $12,700 for a large vehicle annually (AAA 2013). Reducing drive alone trips can result in significant savings in fuel and maintenance costs.

Please see for details of the Challenge, and contact with questions or to register a team. allows individuals and employers a simple way to track fuel savings, reduced emissions and calories burned by choosing to carpool, bike, walk or ride a bus rather than drive alone.  Results of the 2013 challenge are attached.  Please join the Challenge in 2014 and help increase the number of people taking action to promote health, clean air and sustainable transportation!

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