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Hamlet - Montana Shakespeare in the Parks

Friday, June 22, 2012 at 8:00pm
Duck Pond

Almost universally hailed as the greatest play ever written in the English language, Shakespeare's action packed tragedy begins with a restless ghost, a dispossessed prince and a hasty royal wedding. Hamlet, the prince who has come home to a ghost father and a re-married mother, struggles to enact his revenge...going a bit mad in the process. Much mayhem and rich language ensues while Hamlet contemplates his place in the universe, his deep love for his doomed mistress Ophelia, and his duty to revenge his murdered King. Packed with some of Shakespeare's most famous lines, this play is the thing to see this 40th anniversary summer!

Montana Shakespeare in the Parks celebrates 40 seasons with a first time ever production of Hamlet, and the classic love soaked comedy 12th Night. The company of professional actors performs on MSU campus' 'Duck Pond lawn' and then tours throughout the summer playing in 59 communities across Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and Washington.

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