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LRES Seminar Series

Monday, October 8, 2012, from 11:10am to 2:00pm
Leon Johnson Hall, Room 346

Dr. Ray Callaway, Division of Biological Sciences University of Montana, Missoula, MT will discuss "Biogeographic Variation in Pattern and Process in Exotic Plant Invasions".

Dr. Callaway is a distinguished ecologist and Professor of Biology, Division of Biological Sciences. Professor Callaway is interested in all aspects of ecology and his research focuses primarily on how organisms interact with each other, including direct interactions, such as competition for resources, allelopathy, and facilitation; and indirect interactions mediated by herbivores, soil microbes, and other competitors. He focuses a great deal on facilitative interactions among organisms and the insight that facilitative interactions provide into the organization of nature. He typically studies facilitation and competition in alpine habitats, but has worked in tropical and temperate forests, grasslands, savannas, salt marshes, and deserts. Also, through the influence of his graduate students over the last 15 years, much of Dr. Callaway's time is now spent exploring how exotic invaders become so abundant in non-native ranges and suppress native species.

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