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Sarah Jane Vogt, PhD. Candidate - Dissertation Defense

Thursday, November 29, 2012, from 10:00am to 11:00am
Roberts Hall, 312




Sarah Jane Vogt, Ph.D. Candidate

                                                                 Dissertation Defense

            The research presented uses nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) experimental techniques to study systems of geochemical and biological processes.  NMR experiments enable non-invasive analysis of opaque and heterogeneous samples both static and dynamic.  This thesis first presents an introduction to the experimental concepts and data analysis of magnetic relaxation measurements, multi-dimensional correlation experiments, magnetic resonance images, and dynamic measurements.  Experimental results obtained as parts of collaborations are presented as examples to illustrate the concepts [1-3].  Several experimental systems are described in detail.  A system of biological reduction of uranyl ions in solution by a sulfur reducing bacteria was studied using images and relaxation measurements to show the potential use of NMR as a tool to study these biological reactions [4].  Biofilm growth in porous media was analyzed using displacement-relaxation correlation experiments.  The results presented show that during biofilm growth very little convective flow occurs through the biofilm phase, while pore clogging causes channeling that increases the flow through non-biofilm filled pores and increases hydrodynamic dispersion [5].  Solutions and gels of alginate, a polymer molecule commonly found in the biofilm polymeric matrix, were investigated using relaxation measurements, multi-dimensional correlations, and images [6].



1.             Codd, S. L.; Vogt, S. J.; Hornemann, J. A.; Phillips, A. J.; Maneval, J. E.; Romanenko, K. R.; Hansen, L.; Cunningham, A. B.; Seymour, J. D., NMR relaxation measurements of biofouling in model and geological porous media. Organic Geochemistry 2011, 42, (8), 965-971.

2.             Yang, X.; Scheibe, T. D.; Richmond, M. C.; Perkins, W. A.; Vogt, S. J.; Codd, S. L.; Seymour, J. D.; McKinley, M. I., Direct Numerical Simulation of Pore-Scale Flow in a Bead Pack: Validation against Magnetic Resonance Imaging Observations. Adv. Water Resour. 2012, submitted September 2012.

3.             Brosten, T. R.; Vogt, S. J.; Seymour, J. D.; Codd, S. L.; Maier, R. S., Preasymptotic hydrodynamic dispersion as a quantitative probe of permeability. Phys. Rev. E 2012, 85, (4).

4.             Vogt, S. J.; Stewart, B. D.; Seymour, J. D.; Peyton, B. M.; Codd, S. L., Detection of biological uranium reduction using magnetic resonance. Biotechnol. Bioeng. 2012, 109, (4), 877-883.

5.             Vogt, S. J.; Sanderlin, A. B.; Seymour, J. D.; Codd, S. L., Permeability of a Growing Biofilm in a Porous Media Fluid Flow Analyzed by Magnetic Resonance Displacement-Relaxation Correlations. Biotechnol. Bioeng. 2012, accepted.

6.             Fabich, H. T.; Vogt, S. J.; Sherick, M. L.; Seymour, J. D.; Brown, J. R.; Franklin, M. J.; Codd, S. L., Microbial and algal alginate gelation characterized by magnetic resonance. Journal of Biotechnology 2012, 161, (3), 320-327.

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