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Public Hearings on Investment Proposals

Last fall, the MSU Budget Council issued a call for investment proposals from the campus community. This process was created to provide a list of strategic campus investment projects for President Cruzado to utilize, when funds are available. One hundred and four (104) proposals were received and reviewed by the Budget Council. A list of all proposals is posted on the Budget Council website,

Proposals were reviewed with an eye toward alignment with MSU's Strategic Plan, which was adopted in 2012.  At the conclusion of this process, Budget Council will provide a list of all proposals to President Cruzado for guidance on investment recommendations for various campus needs.

After review and deliberation, Budget Council selected 39 proposals for further review. Public hearings are scheduled for January 24 and 25, beginning at 8:00 a.m. in 233 SUB, where presenters will answer specific questions from the Budget Council. Public questions and comments for proposal hearings from both days will be received at the conclusion of the January 25th public hearings. These hearings are open for all to attend �� we encourage faculty, staff and students to participate in this process.  The schedule of public hearings is posted at: