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Challenges of Predicting Ecosystem Responses to Climate Change / IOE Distinguished Lecturer Series

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at 7:00pm
Museum of the Rockies

Daniel Schindler, a Professor in the Aquatic & Fishery Sciences/Department of Biology of the University of Washington, visits MSU as part of the Institute on Ecosystems' Distinguished Visiting Lecturer Series. His talk is called "The Challenges of Predicting Ecosystem Response to Climate Change."

Schindler's current research activities are focused generally on understanding the causes and consequences of dynamics in aquatic ecosystems. Of particular interest are

(1) the effects of changing climate on trophic interactions and ecosystem services provided by aquatic ecosystems,

(2) fisheries as large-scale drivers of ecosystem organization,

(3) importance of anadromous fishes for linking marine ecosystems to coastal aquatic and riparian systems, and

(4) the importance of aquatic-terrestrial coupling in the organization of aquatic ecosystems.

The talk is at 7pm at the Museum of the Rockies and is open to the public.

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