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Facilities Services presents "Facilities Benchmarking - How Are We Doing?"

Wednesday, February 6, 2013, from 9:00am to 10:30am
Strand Union Building, Procrastinator Theater

Campus leaders face challenging financial decisions every day.  Decisions in one area can affect other areas of campus performance, and today's actions can have a significant impact on Campus budget for years to come.  That is why campus leaders need reliable information, both internal and external, to better inform our strategic decisions about the full spectrum of campus issues.

Facilities Services and Auxiliaries Services have partnered with Sightlines LLC to provide a rigorous and objective analysis and benchmarking of our campus against a set of similar institutions across the nation in three areas:

  1. Facilities measurement, benchmarking and analysis (FMB&A) for all State and Auxiliaries facilities.  Sightlines has audited and compared our campus to over 300 other campuses across the country (representing almost 900 million gross square feet) in four key areas of Facilities Management:  
    • Annual Stewardship (keeping our campus in good operating and competitive condition);
    • Asset Reinvestment (are we catching up or falling behind with our repair and moderation needs);
    • Operating Effectiveness (how efficient are we at delivering our services, taking care of our assets, and managing our energy consumption); and
    • Service (how efficient are we at delivering our services, what is the condition of our facilities (are they clean and in good repair), and how well do we communicate with the campus community).
  2. Go Green.  Sightlines has gathered and organized our data and will help us manage, track and satisfy the requirements for reporting greenhouse emissions as part of MSU's Climate Action Plan related to the American College & University President's Climate Commitment (ACUPCC).  
  3. Student Housing.  Sightlines has created an inventory of student housing data; provided custom comparisons to peer institutions; and data analysis enabling strategic actions for optimal student recruiting and retention.

Please join us as Sightlines presents the findings and recommendations at a campus forum.

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