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Ph.D. Oral Comprehensive Exam, Computer Science Dept.

Monday, February 11, 2013, from 12:30pm to 1:30pm
Engineering and Physical Sciences Building, Room 347

On Monday, February 11, at 12:30 am in 347 EPS, Tim Wylie, candidate for a Ph.D. in Computer Science, will stand for the oral component of our comprehensive exams.  His topic is "The Discrete Frechet Distance and Applications"

Abstract: Modern computational geometry plays a critical role across a vast number of diverse research fields where theoretical results for provably efficient algorithms are necessary.  Many of these problems are based on matching geometric objects or finding paths through given points with polygonal curves.  This work focuses on the study and application of polygonal curves with respect to the discrete Frechet distance.  Specifically, we cover the alignment, comparison, and simplification of protein backbone chains.  We address the issue of visualization via the chain pair simplification problem on the protein chains.  Further, we address several applications with map routing given noisy or missing data. The presentation will overview the finished work and outline the direction of future research on the discrete Frechet distance for the completion of the doctoral research.

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