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Speaker: Winona LaDuke

Thursday, April 11, 2013 at 6:30pm
Gaines Hall, Room 101

Join the host Society of American Indian Graduates and sponsor MSU Leadership Institute, as we welcome Winona LaDuke, a prominent American Indian activist, environmentalist and writer.

In 1994, she was nominated by Time Magazine as one of America's fifty most promising leaders under forty years of age. She has been awarded numerous honors, including the Reebok Human Rights Award, the BIHA Community Service Award, the Thomas Merton Award, and the Ann Bancroft Award for Women's Leadership. She used the proceeds from the Reebok Human Rights Award to launch the White Earth Land Recovery Project in 1989. In 1998, she received Ms. Magazine's Ms. Woman of the Year Award with the Indigo Girls for her activism on Native environmental issues.

In 1996 and 2000, she served as the vice presidential candidate for the Green Party, Ralph Nader's running mate, raising awareness on issues ranging from a "living wage," to the challenges of democracy in a world where many of the largest economies are actually those of multinational corporations. She is an advocate for a Constitutional amendment entitled the Seventh Generation Amendment and lectures on issues ranging from electoral reform to the rights of Native people, women, and the environment.

This event will highlight issues around environmentalism while tying these ideas to the rights of American Indians.

*This event is free and open to the public.

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