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The Science of Space: Building the Future

Friday, March 22, 2013 at 7:00pm
Gaines Hall, Room 101

Scientist, architects, filmmakers, and designers envision the future of our built and lived environments through drawings, models, writings and film.  Although these future environments, along with the science, technology and society associated with them, do not yet exist, we nevertheless attempt to predict the future with only the present as our guide.  Does our present day science and design lead to our vision of the future or does our vision of the future shape our science and design?


The answers may well lie with our panelists.  Joining us for this conversation is theoretical physicist and Colbert Report guest, Lawrence Krauss.  He serves as the Director of the Origins Project at Arizona State University and author of The Physics of Star Trek and more recently, The Universe from Nothing. Krauss will join and MSU Architecture faculty David Fortin whose research extends to the crossovers between architecture and science fiction. Fortin is currently completing a book titled Architecture and Science-Fiction Film: Philip K. Dick and the Spectacle of Home.   Rounding out the panel is Architecture faculty Bill Rea who previously served as a set designer and art director on numerous feature films, including Titanic, True Lies and Ali. This fascinating panel will explore the relationships between architecture and science--in particular the area of science fiction--and their influence on our imagination and the environments we have yet to create.

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Event: The Science of Space: Building the Future

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