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The Furture of Food: Revolution and Re-creation

Tuesday, February 26, 2013, from 3:00pm to 5:00pm
Reid Hall, Room 108

 We are in the midst of a food revolution. Americans are awakening to the reality that our industrial food system is not meeting the needs of many people today and it certainly is not leaving equal or better opportunities for those of future generations. Our food system is not sustainable. The challenge is to replace our current food system - from dirt to dinner plate - with a system that is sustainable.  The organic and local food movements are not just passing fads: They are a revolution, a mandate, and an emerging model for re-creating the food system. A new American food system means new opportunities - from farming to eating - for those who have the courage to join the revolution and share in the re-creation.

John Ikerd is a retired Professor of Agricultural & Applied Economics from the University of Missouri. Raised on a dairy farm, Ikerd has for his lifetime been interested in growing food, and for many years has been offering a new vision of a future that resembles our past: reinvigorated, decentralized food production that revitalizes rural communities and solves energy and environmental problems through the production of " solar powered renewable energy and renewability machines"- plants.