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The Unique Role of Montana in Developing State, National and Global Leaders in the Resource Sectors

Monday, April 8, 2013, from 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Linfield Hall, Room 301

Based on results of the 2013 National Academy Report on US Energy and Minerals Workforce Trends

Leigh Freeman, NRC/NAS Committee Member

As the baby boom generation begins to retire, the U.S. faces the loss of a large number of experienced energy and mining workers in industry, academia and the government.  At the same time, the current educational system is not producing enough qualified workers to fill future jobs, which increasingly requires science and math skills.  Some innovative solutions are being pursued, but more action is needed if the nation is to maintain a skilled workforce able to supply energy and mineral needs.  Leigh Freeman, member of the National Research Council/National Academy of Science Committee tasked with investigating the magnitude of the challenges facing U.S. industry, government, and academic institutions, as well as identifying potential solutions, will discuss the results of this very recently completed study. Transitioning to a discussion period that will follow, he will share opinions regarding the unique potential of institutions of higher education in Montana to develop leaders to meet state, national and international resource-based challenges.


About the speaker
Leigh Freeman is a member of the National Resource Council / National Academy of Sciences Committee responsible for the study of Emerging Workforce Trends in the US Energy and Mining Industries.  He is a third-generation Montanan, and a graduate of Montana Tech with training in geological engineering, who is General Manager of Downing Teal, a global talent recruitment firm serving the energy and minerals industry from Denver, Colorado.

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