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Research Council Holds Elections

MSU's Budget, Planning and Research Councils will hold elections beginning April 12 to fill positions beginning July 1, 2013.  Research Council elections open April 26-29!  To vote, visit

Research Council nominees and their brief statements may be found at The election will run online April 26-30.

Budget Council elections are closed

Planning Council elections are closed

Elections are restricted to the constituencies represented. For the Budget Council, all department heads may vote for that position.  For Planning Council, all employees with half-time or greater appointments in a college with an open seat may vote for that position. For the Research Council, tenured and tenure-track faculty with half-time or greater appointments may vote for their college's representative and Research Center directors may vote for the Research Center representative.

There are five governance councils which were established nearly two years ago and a sixth which was established Fall 2012. University Council and Deans Council have members that are all determined by position. Budget Council, Planning Council, Outreach & Engagement and Research Council also have members assigned by position, but include elected or appointed members. President Cruzado put out a call for nominations last month, resulting in the nominees listed on the election websites.

For more information, contact Jen Joyce at To vote, visit