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OAE seeking submissions for the Engagement Handbook

The Office of Activities and Engagement (OAE) is excited to announce the publication of its first annual Engagement Handbook and accompanying web video! This is meant to be a campus wide resource and I invite you to submit information about how students can actively participate in projects, programs and engagement opportunities with your college, department, or office.

This guide will land in the hands of all freshmen and other interested students and parents. Students who engage in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities develop critical thinking skills, gain hands-on, real world experience, and are more likely to be retained and ultimately graduate from college. Included in this handbook will be a copy of the Fall Activities Calendar.

Please do not re-submit the activities and events that you plan to submit to the Fall Activities Calendar. This guide will focus on program opportunities of a more ongoing nature rather than one-time events. For more information or for a submission form, please contact Robin Mayer at 994-2837 or email