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Harrison Street reconstruction project construction to begin June 10

The West end Harrison Street reconstruction project will begin Monday, June 10. Due to the nature of the construction process and the intensity of the road work being done, all of Harrison Street will be blocked off. It is advised that people who work in Langford Hall, Culbertson Hall, Johnstone Center, or the Modular Classrooms, and normally park along Harrison Street, instead use parking spaces on the north end of the Langford or other lots from June 10 through Aug. 20. Pedestrian crossings from the south side of Harrison Street to the north side of Harrison Street will only be provided at South 8th Avenue and Harrison Street and for a short time at South 11th Avenue and Harrison Street. Intermittent crossings between South 8th and 11th avenues may open up during the course of the construction project, but due to the nature of the road and utility work occurring in those areas, it will be difficult to provide this at the beginning of construction or at critical times during the process. Updates will be made throughout the process.

During the construction, several short term parking spaces will be provided in the Langford Lot and on College Street (directly north of Culbertson Hall) for customers of the Post Office.

As described in previous staff notes, this project includes the total reconstruction of the entire street from South 8th Avenue to South 11th Avenue and the connection to South 11th Avenue with a drive approach. Additional parking spaces will be constructed in certain areas on the north side of the street. Formalized "15 Minute" parking spaces will be provided in front of the Post Office entrance and handicap accessible spaces will be relocated to better access to key areas along the street.

The project will be well coordinated with the Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship construction project, which is scheduled to begin any day. Regular campus/internal emails and announcements on MSU Today will assist with routing conference and summer pedestrian and vehicular traffic. I

Questions about the project may be directed to Candace Mastel at 994-7457.