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David Orser Executive Speakers Forum

Thursday, October 10, 2013, from 4:10pm to 5:30pm
Leon Johnson Hall, Room 339

Dr. M.H. Elovitz will present "What's Really Going on in the Mideast?" on Thursday, October 10 from 4:10-5:30 pm in Leon Johnson Hall 339. His lecture will explore factors and motivations behind the obvious in the always fractured and often chaotic Mideast. Dr. Elovitz will explore how the crisis in the Mideast affects major business dealings and economic development, which does not stop at the Montana border.

Dr. Elovitz is recognized for his penetrating insights into and astute assessments of world affairs. His distinctive careers, extensive worldwide travels and diverse international contacts produce presentations with uncommon depth and unique understandings of world affairs. He provides the unjaded content and context which are often sadly absent from the print and broadcast media. As a result, Dr. Elovitz's dynamic presentations are colorful, illuminating and decidedly thought-provoking.

Currently, Dr. Elovitz is Director of the Centre for Strategic Geopolitics, a world affairs think tank. Prior to lecturing around the world, he served as a professor of law, a litigator, a U.S. government advisor and a U.S. Air Force officer.

Dr. Elovitz has lived in both the Mideast and Europe. He periodically visits 16 Muslim countries as well as multiple South Asian nations. As a United States Air Force officer, he was liaison to American military stationed throughout Europe, England and Africa. In that capacity, he received the U.S.A.F. Commendation Medal for "Exemplary Pedagogic Skill."

Additionally, Dr. Elovitz served in Washington during the Carter and Reagan Administrations as a government advisor on public policy. He has testified before the U.S. Congress' Committee on Foreign Affairs and he has also been a participant in the U.S. Naval War College's Current Strategy Forum.

Dr. Elovitz has also published hundreds of articles addressing a wide range of subjects including legal liability, biomedical ethics, American public policy, world affairs and international geopolitics. 

Some of Dr. E's colorful commentaries include: "The Machievellian Mideast," "The Soggy Syrian Spring," "Bear Claws & Dragon Breath," "Whose Lunch Is The Dragon Eating?" "Should The Aryans Have Nukes?" "Iranian Doublespeak," "A Pressure Cooker, A Boiling Pot & A Lions' Den"and "When Is Later Too Late?"  In addition, Dr. Elovitz has authored a regular newspaper column focusing on enhanced healthcare delivery. He has also been the lively and often provocative anchor/commentator for a World Affairs T.V. show.

As a Phi Beta Kappa scholar, he has earned four post-graduate degrees.

The MSU College of Business's David Orser Executive Speakers Forum is named for David B. Orser, a 1966 MSU graduate who started funding the program in 1988 in order to inspire MSU business students to pursue careers as innovative, responsible and ethical business leaders. For more information about the forum, contact Audrey Lee at 406-994-7026 or

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