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11th & Grant with Eric Funk - Studio Shoot

Monday, July 22, 2013 to Friday, July 26, 2013, from 10:00am to 4:00pm
Visual Communication Building, Studio A

The ninth season of "11th & Grant with Eric Funk" shoots in Studio A of the VCB on July 22nd through July 27th.  MSU employees are welcome to stop by for a behind-the-scenes peek.  This season features groups from across the state with performing a variety of music; Salsa, Saloon Jazz, Americana and even Christmas favorites by Philip Aaberg.

MSU employees are welcome to stop by and visit during the taping of 11th & Grant with Eric Funk.   The process of making this series can be rather fascinating from behind the scenes.  Generally, guests that visit between 10am and 4pm will have the best experience in terms of observing actual performance rather than rehearsals, technical setup etc.  For more information contact Aaron Pruitt 994-5021 or

The studio shooting will also be available to watch online at

­11th & Grant with Eric Funk - Season IX Musician Lineup

Monday July 22rd  

Salsa Loca [Latin/Salsa/Afro-Cuban] (Missoula, 6-piece)
Dave Horgan (main contact)                                      
Leon Slater (trumpet)                                  
Chuck Florence (sax/flute/clarinet)       
Bob LedBetter (drums)                               
Cody Hollow (congas)                                  
Beth Lo (bass)                                                  

Tuesday July 23th   

Catmull & The Clerics [Original Americana] (Missoula, Trio)
Tom Catmull     (guitar/banjo/lead vocals)  
John Sporman (upright bass)     
Travis Yost (drums/harmony vocals)       

Wednesday July 24th   

Tumbledown House [Saloon Jazz] (Bozeman, 6-piece)
Tyler Miller (guitar)           
Gillian Howe (vocals)                                    
Tony Vaughn (trumpet)                              
Stefan Stern (piano)                                     
Sean Lehmann (bass)                                   
Adam Greenberg (drums)                          

Thursday July 25th   

Jack Gladstone [Native American Singer/Songwriter] (Flathead Area, 7-piece)
Jack Gladstone (guitar, vocals) 
Dave Griffith (steel guitar, mandolin, dobro, electric and acoustic guitar)
Phil Aaberg (piano, bass, accordion)
Linda Kuhn (cello)                                          
Gary Snow (bass)              
Kendall Flint (vocals, harmonica)             
Mark Whittman (percussion)                    

Friday July 26th    

Basement Jazz [Jazz] (Bozeman, 5-piece)
Claire Young (tenor sax)                                                                              
Amy Giullian (drums)   
Caroline Janssen (guitar)                                                                                            
Colleen Schmidt (bass)                                                                                
Eric Funk, Bob Nell, (rotating piano)

Saturday July 27th    

Christmas with Philip Aaberg [Solo Piano] (Chester)


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