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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of events are allowed on the MSU calendar?
How do I submit a new event?
How do I search the calendar for a particular event?
How can I browse the calendar of events?
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What types of events are allowed on the MSU calendar?

The Montana State University calendar provides information on a variety of campus events including events, people, sports and fitness, classes, exhibits and more. Many events will be applicable to the following MSU Today categories:

  • Events
    Events include public lectures that might draw off-campus audiences. Examples include a lecture by a well-known author, historian or scientist. Jane Goodall's 2008 lecture sponsored by the MSU Leadership Institute is an example. Events differ from Meetings and Presentations by the type of audience and the degree of interest among a non-campus audience.

  • People
    News about new faculty and staff appointments would appear here with a photograph, if we have one. If we do not, the faculty's department must provide one or contract with MSU Marketing and Creative Services for a photo. Click here for guidelines. Honors, awards and other faculty/staff recognitions also fit into this category. Be proud and send us notice of your accomplishments.

  • Recreational Sports and Fitness
    Schedules and information about Recreational Sports and Fitness go in this category. We'll also provide a link to the Intramural Web site. Other recreation information can appear here, such as gym pass costs and opportunities for fitness consultations.

  • Classes
    Classes through the Burns Technology Center and the MSU College of Technology-Bozeman are examples of what this category is for.

  • Exhibits
    These can include either on-campus exhibits or those at the Museum of the Rockies.

  • Philanthropic Solicitations MSU
    MSU Today accepts notices of philanthropic solicitations from MSU organizations. Examples would be the MSU Range Club's holiday tree sale, the MSU Horticulture Club's annual plant sale, the MSU Chapter of EWB selling holiday cards to fund their work in Kenya, etc. MSU Today does not accept philanthropic solicitations from non-MSU entities.

How do I submit a new event?

Please complete an event submission form. After submitting an event, it will need to be approved by an administrator before being added to the calendar. If you have changes to a recently submitted event, please contact along with your calendar event ID, if applicable, to assist in modifying your event. For additional questions in submitting an event, please view our event submission guide.

How do I search the calendar for particular events?

Please use the search box on the homepage to search for terms of your event. If you have trouble finding results, try using fewer words within your query.

How can I browse the calendar of events?

  • By date:
    Use the displayed calendar in the upper left of the homepage and navigate to your desired period. To change the calendar view to your new date, you must select a day. (Changing the month will not affect the current view until a single date is selected.) Click on the day and the calendar will generate a new view showing events that will be on and after the selected date. You may also search for events in a specific time period by using the month and year views.

  • By topic:
    If you would like to see more events similar to an event you are currently viewing, click on the listed links below your event's information. Additionally, you can browse events by topic by using the topic filter "Filter by" at the top of the calendar page. An overview of the filter:
    View of filter

  • By location:
    On the location information page, select a building (if necessary) and the page will list the next 10 upcoming events. If there are no events listed, there are no upcoming events at this time.

Additional questions

For general calendar questions or regarding a submitted event please contact
Please reference the event name, date, and ID, if applicable.