The College of Engineering is located on the second floor of Roberts Hall. There are a number of research facilities, classrooms, lecture spaces, and faculty offices located here as well as two large student computer labs.

Roberts Hall is named for William Milnor Roberts, chief engineer for the Northern Pacific Railroad in the 1870s. Above the entrance to Roberts Hall are symbols for civil, agricultural and mechanical engineering, the first three academic programs in the College of Engineering.

 Roberts Hall

Handicapped access through Cobleigh Hall

Upcoming events in Roberts Hall

Web CMS: Open support session
Wednesday, March 1, 2017, from 10:00am to 12:00pm

Open hours for support, questions and discussion regarding the Web Content Management System (CMS).  You are welcome to come for 15 minutes or stay for the whole two hours.    View Details

CMS 210: Introduction to Web Accessibility
Friday, March 3, 2017, from 2:00pm to 3:00pm

A variety of users will navigate your web pages so it is important to take the extra effort to increase your website's overall accessibility and usability.   View Details

CMS 130: Web Forms
Friday, March 3, 2017, from 3:00pm to 4:30pm

CMS 130: Create a Web Form is an hour-long course that will cover the creation and design of web forms using the CMS Form Builder. We will also discuss form submission management using KaratEmail.   View Details

Frontiers in Compressible Reacting and Multiphase Flows   View Details

CMS 120: Introduction to Building a Website
Monday, March 6, 2017, from 10:00am to 12:00pm

This course will review best practices on website organization and website design specifically based on the needs of your target audience. Come prepared to interact with the material, as you will be asked to create/organize site sections and web pages.   View Details