The EPS building houses the departments of Physics and Computer Science. EPS is also home to the Center for Biofilm Engineering and Microfabrication Lab as well as classrooms, research facilities for graduate and undergraduate students, the Burns Technology Center, and a lecture hall. In addition, the EPS building contains Studio 1080.

Constructed in 1997, the Engineering and Physical Sciences (EPS) building takes the place of the old Ryon Lab.

 Engineering and Physical Sciences Building

Handicapped accessible from all entrances

Upcoming events in the Engineering and Physical Sciences Building

Observation with second generation gravitational-wave observatories gives unprecedented and growing sensitivity, offering confident detection and prompt connection to to existing electromagnetic astrophysics and observations.   View Details

James Skinner, the Joseph O. and Elizabeth S. Hirschfelder Professor of Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, will give a talk as part of the College of Letters and Science's Distinguished Speakers Series.   View Details

Whiting-Turner is one of the fastest growing construction firms in the nation-but not through acquisitions of other firms. Our growth is completely organic and derived from the pride our people take in applying ethics and talent to the opportunities presented,...   View Details

Center for Biofilm Engineering (CBE) Seminar Series
Monday, March 28, 2016, from 4:10pm to 5:00pm

Dr. Forest Rohwer is a professor of biology at San Diego State University. Dr. Rohwer is a microbial ecologist and his research involves understanding the role that communities of bacteria, archaea, viruses, protists, algae and fungi play in various systems...   View Details