Barnard Hall (formerly the EPS building) houses the departments of Physics and Computer Science. It is also home to the Center for Biofilm Engineering and Microfabrication Lab as well as classrooms, research facilities for graduate and undergraduate students, the Burns Technology Center, and a lecture hall. In addition, Barnard Hall contains Studio 1080.

Constructed in 1997, Barnard Hall takes the place of the old Ryon Lab.

 Barnard Hall

Handicapped accessible from all entrances

Upcoming events in Barnard Hall

Learn when you need a respirator, how you put one on, use it, take it off and maintain it. How do you select the right kind of respirator for your job? Prepare yourself for internships & jobs: earn your Respiratory Training Certificate. Lunch provided.   View Details

Physics Colloquium - Research Frontiers within Physics at MSU
Friday, February 23, 2018, from 4:10pm to 5:00pm

Hear from four MSU Physics faculty who are leaders in their field concerning the research within the department in astrophysics, space physics, condensed matter theory, and quantum systems. Questions are encouraged.   View Details

Machine Learning-Enhanced Visualization
Monday, February 26, 2018, from 4:10pm to 5:00pm

In this talk I will focus on how machine learning can be used to improve data representations and visual encodings for user interaction.   View Details

Drs. Robert & Lori Byron will give a talk titled "Human Health and Climate Change in Montana" at noon on Wednesday, Feb. 28 in Barnard Hall Room 126. Drs. Robert & Lori Byron, an Internist and Pediatrician, respectively, have worked in public health...   View Details

Dr. Paul Cross will give a talk titled "The Changing Landscape of Brucellosis and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem" at noon on Wednesday, Mar. 21 in Barnard Hall Room 126. Dr. Cross is a Research Wildlife Biologist with the USGS Northern Rocky...   View Details