Named after the Reverend James Reid, MSU’s second president, this four story building houses the College of Education, Health and Human Development and the College of Business.

The Department of Education is on the first, second and fourth floors. The dean’s office for the College of Education, Health and Human Development is located on the second floor, as well as the field placement and teacher licensure office and the Testing Center. The technology education classroom and the instructional computer lab for education are located on the fourth floor. Student computer labs are located on the third and fourth floors.

The College of Business is housed on the third and fourth floors. The CoB Student Services office and The Center for Entrepreneurship for the New West are located on the third floor. The Bracken Center for Undergraduate Excellence, the Business Bracken Communications Clinic and dean’s office are all on the fourth floor.

 Reid Hall

Handicapped Accessible

Upcoming events in the Reid Hall

Adam Marcus, the cofounder, with Ivan Oransky, of Retraction Watch and the Center for Scientific Integrity, will present "Retractions, Reproducibility and Other Crises in Scholarly Publishing." Science might be more advanced than ever, but science publishing -- that's a different story....   View Details

EHHD's 2015 Distinguished Professor, Jioanna Carjuzaa, will present a lecture on:"Keeping the Power of Books in Mind: Evaluation and Selections of Classroom Resources about American Indians."   View Details

How do we identify abbreviations in Maya writing? That is, how do we know the difference between what is written and what is intended? And what are the implications of these abbreviations for the ongoing decipherment of Maya hieroglyphs?   View Details

Joe Hicks, director of the Department of Education's After School Partnership, will deliver the Outstanding Faculty Lecture, "The MSU After School Initiative: A Transformative Community Partnership."   View Details